Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)/ Planning and Zoning (PZ)

SWCD: Soil and Water Conservation District
NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRBG: Natural Resources Block Grant
WCA: Wetland Conservation Act
LWM: Local Water Management
CLWP: Comprehensive Local Water Plan
SSTS: Subsurface Sewage Treatment System
DNR: Department of Natural Resources
BWSR: Board of Water and Soil Resources
MASWCD: Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
MACPZA: Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators
MACFO: Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers
FSA: Farm Service Agency
USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

Assessor Department

CAMA – Computer aided mass appraisal
Special Ag- Agricultural homestead for people who do not live on the farm
CMA- Certified Minnesota Assessor
CMAS-Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist
AMA- Accredited Minnesota Assessor
SAMA- Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor


BCBS – Blue Cross Blue Shield
Aud – Auditor’s
Comm – Commissioners
HRA – Health Reimbursement Account
TNT – Truth and Taxation