For purposes of enforcing the Traverse County Ordinances, a zoning permit application shall be required of all persons prior to: Erection of signs, except political and real estate signs that conform to the standards of Section 19.05.  Shoreland Alterations, including removal of trees and shoreland vegetation.  Land Alterations, including mineral extraction and landfills.  Erection, alteration or relocation of feedlots, holding ponds, and slurry systems.  Location of all essential services.  Fences (not including open fences), retaining walls, berms and landscaping higher than two (2) feet.  The construction or modification of a dam or dike.  Within the flood plain, prior to the erection, addition, or alteration of any building, structure, or portion thereof; prior to the use or change of use of a building, structure, or land; prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use; and prior to the placement of fill, excavation of materials, or the storage of materials or equipment.  The addition of a bedroom to a residence, either by creating additional space or by the conversion of existing space.

Land Use in Agricultural Zone: Application

Land Use in Shoreland Zone: Application

Shoreland is defined as: 1,000 feet from the ordinary high water level of a lake, pond, or flowage; and 300 feet from a river or stream, or the landward extent of a flood plain designated by ordinance on a river or stream, whichever is greater.

Special Use: Application

Special uses include shoreline stabilization, rip rap, boat ramps, or other projects that might not be classified as construction of a structure but involve modification of the existing landscape.

DNR Fact Sheet that explains the parameter of a boat ramp.

Septic System: Application

An permit application is required to be completed for the installation, alteration, repair, or extension of any sewage disposal system or solid waste disposal operation.  Provided here is A list of Septic System Designers, Installers and Inspectors who work in Traverse County.

Conditional Use: Application

Conditional uses for agricultural and shoreland property are described in the Traverse County Land Use Ordinance  The process of review of a Conditional Use Permit is described in Section 14 of the Traverse County Land Use Ordinances.

Variance: Application

A variance to the provisions of this Ordinance may be issued to provide relief to landowners where this Ordinance imposes undue hardship or practical difficulties in the use of the applicant’s land.  A variance application must be accompanied by a land use or special use permit application and site sketch form.

The current Fee Schedule for permit applications has been determined by the Traverse County Board of Commissioners.

A Statement of Authorization is required when the applicant is not the property owner.

2020 Grant Application Form for Subsurface Sewage Treatment System