Soil & Water Conservation District

304 4th Street North
Wheaton, MN 56296
320-563-8218 ext. 3

Traverse County contracts with the
Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)
office to provide administration
and services for the following programs:

Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA)

Delegated Feedlot Program

Comprehensive Local Water Planning (CLWP)

Subsurface Septic Treatment System Program (SSTS)

Minnesota Delegated County Feedlot Program

The Minnesota Legislature provides funds to counties
to implement state feedlot regulations and
that the amount is primarily based
on the number of feedlots in the county.
These reports show the amount and kind of work
that was done as well as the cost to perform the work.

Please contact the Traverse County Feedlot Officer (CFO),
Bruce Johnson,
if there is interest in additional details.

2023 Annual Feedlot Report

2023 County Feedlot Financial Report

Traverse County Buffer Monitoring Plan

Monitoring Plan for Buffer Compliance Tracking