Child Foster Care Licensing:

Traverse County Social Services is responsible for the licensing of foster homes located in the county. Additional foster homes are always needed, particularly homes that are able to effectively parent teenagers.

Foster parents provide a temporary home for children when they cannot remain in their own home. Care is given until their own parents can resume this responsibility or until a permanent plan is made with relative or adoptive parents. Foster parents need to be caring and stable, as they will be helping children through a difficult time in their lives. Foster parents must be able to provide for their own family’s financial needs, be good listeners, flexible, have a good
sense of humor and work well with others in a team effort. Foster parents receive a financial reimbursement to care for the needs of children. A home study is conducted to help determine a person’s suitability to provide foster care. The home study includes a criminal background study, letters from references, a fire and safety check of the home and discussion of State foster care guidelines and standards. To apply for a foster care license, a person must be 21 years of age and reside in Traverse County. Contact Social Services for a licensing packet or to discuss this option further.

Adult Foster Care Licensing

MN Dept of Human Services Foster Care

Adoption Services:

As an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Traverse County Social Services provides adoptive placement services to children who are in need of an adoptive home, through use of the State Adoption Exchange. Our county’s agency Adoption Services social worker also provides referral information to local, private adoption agencies for families who are interested in Adoption.

Adoption services for families wanting to adopt a hard-to-place or disabled child are also made available. Services include financial or medical subsidies available to those children with special needs and counseling before and after adoption.

MN Department of Human Services