Coordinator on Aging

Phone: 218-685-8220
Toll Free: 800-291-2827

Katie Ennen
Social Worker

Traverse County employs a Coordinator on Aging
who is a trained advocate providing information
and assistance to people over 60.
The primary goal is to assist residents of
Traverse County to age safely in their
own homes whenever possible.

The Coordinator on Aging can help seniors with their Part D,
prescription, plan. Every fall, October 15 – December 7,
seniors can check to see if their drug plan is the best
for their prescriptions and the pharmacy that they use.
This is the only time that you can switch your plan for the next year.
Call the Coordinator on Aging to set up a time to evaluate your plan.

There are NO income guidelines to qualify
for the support of our Coordinator on Aging.

Ways we help include but may not be limited to:

*Working with Nutrition Sites and home delivered meals
*Partnering with Senior Linkage Line and
*Area Agency on Aging
*Education for those new to Medicare
*Medicare Part D Enrollment
*Forms Assistance
*Health Care Directives
*Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS)
*Community Education
*Scams / Fraud
*At times may assist with plans for recreational activities