Traverse County is responsible to license and monitor family/group family/specialized child care homes. The licensing process includes signing an application form, a criminal background study, letters from references, a fire and safety check of the home and discussion of the State licensing guidelines and standards. A person must be 18 years of age and residing in Traverse County.

Licensed Child Care Providers: Licensed Child Care Providers

Department of Human Services Website:


Department of Human Services Forms for Providers and Parents:

Accident Form: ACCIDENT.FORM

Release for PhotosRelease for providers for photos,etc

Age Ratios: Age Ratios

Traverse County Policies & Guidelines:

Fence Policy: Fence Policy

Pool Policy: Pool Policy

Trampoline Consent: Trampoline Use Permission

Variance Guidelines:  Variance Guidelines

Minnesota Rules & Statutes & State Fire Marshal Requirements:

MN Rules 9502 (Licensing): MN Rule 9502

MN Statutes Chapter 245A (Licensing): Statute 245A

MN Statutes Chapter 245C (Background Studies): Statute 245C

MN Statutes Chapter 299F.51 (Carbon Monoxide): MN Statute 299F.51

State Fire Marshal Carbon Monoxide Alarms: FM Carbon Monoxide

State Fire Marshal Child Care (Day Care) Information Sheet: FM CC Info Sheet