Chemical Dependency Services

Chemical Dependency Assessments:

A chemical dependency assessor provides a chemical dependency evaluation and assessment on individuals. Assessments are completed on individuals who are court ordered to make a determination about the level of their chemical use and whether or not services should be recommended for
purposes of a court order or CHIPS Petition. 
Chemical Dependency Evaluations are completed to determine whether or not a person is eligible for funding to pay for treatment through the consolidated
treatment fund. The consolidated treatment fund is an income based treatment fund for individual’s incidence seeking treatment or who maybe court ordered to follow treatment recommendations.

Individuals who received Medical Assistance or GAMC are automatically eligible for the consolidated fund.
The Chemical Dependency Unit conducts prescreening for traditional commitments when a Petitioner comes forward who is willing to testify about a family member or loved one who is in imminent danger of harm to self or others, directly due to their chemical use.Assessments can be completed on individuals of any age, whether they may be an adult or an adolescent. The Assessment Worker will interview the individual incident treatment, and others to determine if chemical dependency services are needed.Traverse County chemical dependence fee policy

MN Dept of Human Services Chemical Dependency Services (off site link)