Adult Mental Health Case Management:

One agency social worker provides a range of case management and supportive services to individuals and families experiencing problems or difficulties related to mental illness. Services that are available to support individuals and families include case management services, pre-petition screening inpatient admission, civil commitment proceedings, discharge planning, placement, information and referral.

Case management functions include providing referrals to the community mental health center, community outreach programs, day treatment groups, local social club/ vocational programs, residential treatment facilities, board and lodging facilities, money for housing support and assistance from local food shelves.

Contact person:

Dawn Boehmlehner, Social Worker

Traverse County Social Services

P.O. Box 46

Wheaton, MN 56296

Phone: 320-422-7777

Fax: 320-563-4230

Supportive Services:

Regional Adult Mental Health Initiative “Conversations”

Traverse County Adult Mental Health Socialization Group