Corrections / Communications

The Communications – Corrections section consists of an Administrator and 10 Communications/Corrections officers.

Communications is responsible for communications for every emergency service in Traverse County, including four fire departments, two ambulance services, Wheaton Police Department and Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.  In the course of a typical year our communications officers will handle approximately two thousand incident reports.

For emergency assistance, always call 911.  Remember, if your conversation begins with, “This is not an emergency”, you should not be using the 911 line.  You should instead be calling 320-422-7800.

Corrections provides intake and processing for all persons (adult and juvenile) arrested and detained in Traverse County.  The Traverse County Detention Center houses all inmates held pending trial or disposition by the Court and all inmates sentenced by the Court to incarceration of one year or less.  The jail also provides housing for persons on work release (Huber) and sentence to serve.

Fingerprinting is provided by Corrections for those persons who may need them for licensing, job applications, adoption or other purposes.  For information or assistance regarding fingerprinting, you can call the jail at 320-422-7800.