Kayla Maas, 4-H Program Coordinator

Address: P.O. Box 457, Wheaton, MN 56296

Phone: (320) 422-7729

E-Mail: kmaas@umn.edu


Candice Hasbargen, Extension Office Manager

Phone: (320) 422-7729

E-Mail: candice.hasbargen@co.traverse.mn.us

The Extension office provides a wide-range of quality programs led by Extension staff and trained volunteers. 4-H is good for kids! This office also provides master gardener information, applicator license information and study group resources and materials

Extension takes the latest research from the University labs into people’s lives – where they live, work and play.

We address issues that are important to Minnesota … safe water … farm profitability … healthy food … renewable energy … main street business challenges … limited family finances … youth with too much time on their hands … and the list goes on.

We listen to and collaborate with individuals, organizations and communities in order to discover, develop and deliver research-based education and information that is relevant, practical and useful.

Extension combines University Scholarship and research with local expertise and engages people, organizations and communities across Minnesota to build capacity, create opportunities and solve problems.

Extension is in all parts of the state, including urban, suburban and rural areas.

Extension is a partnership between the University and state, federal and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to the public.

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