Kim Sundbom, Court Administrator
Angela Serocki, Court Operations Associate
Andrea O’Leary, Court Operations Associate


Address: P.O. Box 867, Wheaton, MN 56296

Telephone: (320) 422-7752

Traverse County Court Administration is responsible for record keeping and case flow management for all the District Court cases filed within this County. These cases include civil, family, probate, juvenile, criminal and conciliation court cases. There are no judges chambered in Traverse County.

Fine and Ticket Information

You may pay many fines online.

Visit to begin! You will need either your ticket/citation number or your court file number to access your fine.

PLEASE NOTE:  It may take up to 20 days for your citation to be on system in order for you to pay by this option.  Citation should be on system prior to your due date.

Paying By Phone

To pay by credit card, call 1-800-657-3611, or in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area 651-281-3219. You will need either your ticket/citation number, your DL number or your court file number to access your fine.

Checking Your Fine Balance

To access your fine account balance online, visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch at

1.    Click on “Find Court Records”

2.    Select “Access Trial Court Records”.

3.    Read and accept the terms of use. This will bring you to the Minnesota Public Access Remote View.

4.    From the drop-down menu select Traverse

5.    From the list of options, select Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records.

6.    From the Search By drop-down menu, you have the option of searching by Case, Defendant, Citation or Attorney. If you are searching by case number, remember to enter 78 at the beginning.

7.    From your search results, locate and click on the blue hyperlink of the case you want to review.

8.    On the register of actions page, scroll to the bottom of the page to review the Financial Information portion of the case for the balance owing.

Please note: If there is any reference in the “other events and hearings” section of the register of action that the case has been referred to collections you will need to contact Department of Revenue at 1-800-657-3909 as the balance that is owed will be different than the amount due to collection fees.

When You Need to Appear In Person

You must appear in court at the address location noted on the citation if:

1.    You wish to plead not guilty and have a court trial.  Contact the Traverse County Court Administrator by telephone at (320) 422-7752 for further information if you wish to plead not guilty.

2.    You wish to plead guilty with an explanation.

3.    You have endangered life or property. (Box will be checked on the front of the ticket)

4.    The offense you have been charged with is court required.

5.    You wish to request a payment plan (must qualify).

Please note: No cell phones are allowed inside the courtrooms.

You may elect to plead “Guilty as Charged” to all listed violations, and pay the fine(s) indicated below.  Payment of a fine(s) is deemed to be a “Plea of Guilty.”

To Pay by Mail or In Person

Make check payable to: Minnesota Court Payment Center

DO NOT MAIL CASH. Payment can be mailed to:

Minnesota Court Payment Center
P.O. Box 898
Willmar, MN 56201

If you’d prefer to drop the payment off in person, we can accept payment at the Traverse County Courthouse, 702 Second Avenue North, Wheaton, Minnesota.





Paying No Proof of Insurance Violations

If you have received a citation for No Proof of Insurance and the vehicle you were driving was insured on the date and time of offense, you must provide one of the following that shows there was valid coverage on the date of the offense:

§  A copy of the insurance coverage card for that vehicle,

§  A letter from the insurance agent,

§  Or a copy of the insurance policy.

The information received must include the name of the insured and the vehicle type.

The information can be faxed to the Court Payment Center at 320-231-6507. Include a copy of the ticket with your proof of insurance.

If you are charged with another payable violation, you may mail your payment for violation along with your proof of insurance to the Minnesota Court Payment Center.

Minnesota Court Payment Center
P.O. Box 898
Willmar, MN 56201

You may also show one of the proper items identified above to the Traverse County Courts at, 702 Second Avenue North, Wheaton,  Minnesota by the due date/court date on your ticket or citation.

Common Violation Fine Amounts

(Fine amounts subject to change without notice.)

PLEASE NOTE- Each fine amount noted below includes a mandatory state-imposed surcharge of $75.00 that is imposed pursuant to Minnesota Statute 357.021 subdivision 6.

Charge Amount Statute Number
1-10 MPH over limit $130.00 169.14
11-14 MPH over limit $140.00 169.14
15-19 MPH over limit $150.00 169.14
20-25 MPH over limit $230.00 169.14
26-30 MPH over limit $290.00 169.14
31 + MPH over limit $390.00 169.14
Inattentive Driving $130.00 169.14 subd 1
Texting while Driving $140.00 169.475 (2)
Possess drug paraphernalia $140.00 152.092
Possess small amount marij $140.00 152.027 subd 4(a)
Improper display of original plate $190.00 168.10 subd 1 (g)
Dealer plate violation $190.00 168.27
Flr to obey traffic control device $140.00 169.06 subd 4
Keep to the right $140.00 169.18 subd 1
Follow too close $140.00 169.18 subd 8 (a)
Improper lane use $140.00 169.18 subd 7
Failure to yield right of way $140.00 169.20 subd 1
Hitchhike on interstate $130.00 169.22 subd 1
Stop sign violation $140.00 169.30
Flr to move to far lane $140.00 169.18 subd 11
Controlled access violation $140.00 169.305 subd 1(a)
Vehicle signals/turn signals $130.00 169.57
Child restraint violation $140.00 169.685 subd 5(a-b)
Seat belt violation $115.00 169.686 subd 1(a)(1-3)
Illegal window tint $130.00 169.71 subd (4)(a)(1-4)
Bumper height $140.00 169.73
Annual inspection $190.00 169.781 subd 2
License plate violation $120.00 169.79, subd. 1-subd. 8
Allow illegal operation $190.00 169.90 subd 2
Drive w/o valid license $190.00 171.02 subd 1
Drive w/o valid license expired less 1 yr $190.00 171.02 subd 2
No DL in possession $110.00 171.08
Wrong address on DL $110.00 171.11
Littering $190.00 609.68
Poss small amt marij in m.v.-owner/driver $240.00 152.057 subd 3
Failure to transfer title within 10 days $390.00 168A.30 subd 2(3)
Open bottle, drinking $190.00 169A.35 subd 2
Open bottle, possession $190.00 169A.35 subd 3
No medical card in possession $190.00 49CFR391.41 (a)
Medical card expired less than 30 days $190.00 49CFR391.41 (a)
Log book not current $140.00 49CRF395.8 (f) (1)
Failure to display current plates $120.00 168.09 subd 4
Operate unregistered vehicle $190.00 168.09 subd 1
Liquor consumption by persons under 21 $190.00 340A.503 subd 1 (a)(2)

Failure to Appear Notice

Failure to pay by or appear in court by the date indicated on your ticket will be considered a plea of guilty and waiver of trial for petty misdemeanor offenses, and may result in one or more of the following actions being taken against you:

§  Certification of charges to your driving record,

§  Drivers License suspension,

§  Issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest,

§  Referral of your debt to a collection agency.

If referred, the collection agency will assess additional fees. The collection agency is authorized to take the following actions to collect your debt:  levy your bank account, seize your property, file a judgment or lien which will affect your credit rating, revoke or deny personal or business license, offset vendor payments owed to you by a state agency, levy wages, seize tax refunds or refer your debt.

It is your responsibility to notify the Court of a change of address