702 2nd Ave. North
P.O. Box 428
Wheaton, MN 56296

Lisa Zahl

The County Coordinator’s office provides central management
for the County under the direction of the County Coordinator.
The County Coordinator is responsible for:

• Preparation and implementation of the overall
County Budget in conjunction with the Auditor/Treasurer

• The development and implementation of programs
and policies adopted by the County Board

• The coordination of activities among
various departments and agencies to ensure
the effectiveness of all County services

• Providing support to elected officials and
Department Heads in administering the
affairs of their departments

• Acting as Clerk to the Board of Commissioners,
preparing agendas, attending all Board meetings
and publishing the meeting minutes.

• Developing and coordinating special County projects,
such as building projects

• Administering the County personnel system by developing,
implementing, administering and supporting human resources
and management programs for all departments

• Acting as the County employee benefit administer,
monitoring and managing all employee benefit programs.