Traverse County Auditor/Treasurers Office

               Address: P.O. Box 428, Wheaton, MN 56296

               Phone: (320) 422-7740


Kit Johnson, County Auditor/Treasurer


Elections E-Mail:

Sarah Dawson, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Rhonda Hanson, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Laura Radosevich, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Pat Canlas, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

The Auditor/Treasurer office is responsible for the administration of finances, elections, licensing and property taxes. The office provides tax administration for all taxing districts in Traverse County. These duties include the maintenance of names, addresses, legal descriptions for tax rolls, truth-in-taxation notice, calculation of property taxes, tax increment financing, tax forfeiture, special assessments and the settlement of tax dollars. The Auditor’s Office administers the issuance of auctioneer, beer, and liquor licenses.  The Auditor’s Office also administers the County’s centralized accounting system.  This system controls all fiscal aspects of the County including paying bills, payroll, collecting revenues, financial statement preparation and budget reporting. This office also administers the County functions of Federal, State, and Local elections. This process involves registration of voters, candidate filings, ballot layout, electronic tabulation of ballots, absentee voting, production of election day rosters, Election Day signature rosters, election night results, abstracts, maintaining voter history and administering county recounts.


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Elections E-Mail:


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The Auditor/Treasurer is the Deputy Registrar for the County and administers the Motor Vehicle Department.

Laura Cronen, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Phone: (320) 422-7738


Motor vehicle transactions include license plates, tabs, vehicle transfers, new vehicle and out-of-state registrations, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain, motorcycle and trailer licensing. Driver’s licensing includes driver’s license renewals, name and address changes, identification cards and instruction permits.